What is The Cost of Performing The Sphincterotomy For Anal Fissure Surgical Procedure?


Surgery is often the last resort provided all the other non surgical options like medicine fail to work in fixing the issues like anal fissures.

One of the most preferred surgical options is the surgery called Sphincterotomy. It is among the most common procedures as it happens to be the minimally invasive procedures giving benefit both the doctor blogshemales.com and patients. The procedure employs small size incisions over the internal anal sphincter, which includes one over the two muscles, which control the anus.

This procedure is carried out on an outpatient surgery with the local or general anaesthesia. It is vital to understand that that even with this procedure with a surgery the anal fissures takes it own time to heal. Now, let's check this procedure in detail along with checking its cost as under:

Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure

A fissure can be called tear over the skin of the anus, which is usually caused when a hard, large stool is seen overstretching over the anal opening and ruins the fragile skin. It is usually linked with issues like constipation and less frequently, inflammatory bowel, chronic diarrhoea, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) inflammatory bowel disease and rectum, however, the cause for the same is unknown. The anal fissures are much deeper and can thus expose the underlying muscles.

When your lifestyle and diet changes and medication seem to fail, the condition often turns very much chronic. At such junctures, a surgery is recommended. An internal Sphincterotomy can be called a procedure more often used in order to repair the fissure.

Why is the Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgical procedure Performed?

Fissures are generally caused due to trauma over the inner lining over the anus, which give enough reason to choose the surgery. A dry, hard bowel movement is often responsible, however, the loose diarrhoea can the basic reason to this problem.

The inciting trauma due to anus procedure is known to have a couple of issues including the acute anal pain that give the anal sphincter spasm and thus boost up the anal sphincter the muscle pressure. The boost is seen over the anal sphincter muscle pressure giving a reduction of blood flow to the injury site, hence preventing the recovery of wounds.

This gives enough reason for this procedure.

How is the Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgical procedure Performed?

This surgery is carried out under the local anaesthesia that encompasses involves injecting the affected area with the help of numbing agent, which is similar to the ones seen being used for dentist office or spinal anaesthesia that numbs the complete lower body.

In some of the cases, the general anaesthesia can be used that caters the unconscious patient. The option of anaesthesia would simply depend upon the patient & physician choices, the health of patient and standard practice for specific facility. The patient is seen positioned over the table and hence the rectal and anus area are exposed.

The surgeon is seen raising the buttock along with cleaning antiseptic solution. This surgery takes around half an hour to complete, while recovery takes just few days as most of the patients are seen going the same day to home.

What are the possible Risks and Complications during Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgical procedure?

Some of the complications or risks after the Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgical procedure include the following:

  • Minor Fecal Incontinence
  • Hemorrhage
  • Perianal Abscess
  • Incision & Drainage of abscess

What is the Prognosis after the Surgery?

Life after the surgery is often smooth as the procedure helps in fixing the anal fissure issues.The prognosis is often smooth though there are certain complications or risks that people face.

What are the benefits of Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgery in India?

India boasts as one of the best place for a number of healthcare solutions and Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgery is not an exception. The reasons are obvious, the presence of best doctors dealing with Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgery in India, the best hospitals armed with state of art facilities.In terms of cost, no one can beat Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure surgery in India.

An (fissure-in-ano) is a small, oval shaped tear in skin that lines the opening of the anus.Fissures typically cause severe pain and bleeding with bowel movements. Fissures are quite common in the general population, but are often confused with other causes of pain and bleeding, such as hemorrhoids.

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