Ingredients in American food that will shock and repulse you

McDonald’s fries, maple syrup and Haribo candies all made headlines in recent weeks when fans learned what was really inside them.

Vegans were less than amused that McDonald’s famous fries are actually made using beef oil, and maple syrup lovers were shocked to hear Great Value’s brand contains traces of fish.

Meanwhile, Haribo fans were shocked to learn the company’s green-colored gummy bears are actually strawberry flavored.But it turns out those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bizarre ingredients in some of America’s best-loved food. reveals four MORE foods that have shocking ingredients hidden inside them:

Fish-flavored marshmallows, anyone?

The ingredients list of Wal-Mart’s store-branded marshmallows has a strange warning on it: ‘May contain traces of tilapia.’

The mild fish is considered a ‘bioengineered food ingredient’ on labels for both Great Value, the store’s in-house brand, regular and mini marshmallows. 

A user on TikTok named found the warning on a bag of marshmallows and quickly took to social media 

Silicon dioxide can also be found in salts, soups, and coffee creamers.

Silicon dioxide, also known as sand, is an additive in the chili sold at Wendy’s.However, the FDA has deemed silicon dioxide safe for food

Shredded Cheese

Cellulose is most commonly identified as sawdust.It’s also an insoluble fiber found in shredded cheese to keep it from sticking together

Most commonly identified as sawdust, cellulose is derived from virgin wood pulps. It’s also in shredded cheese. 

Cellulose is added to shredded cheeses, such as Kraft Shredded Cheese, to keep the stands from sticking together.

Cellulose is a naturally occurring fiber found in fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods.It can be found in tree bark and a plant’s leaves.

It’s an insoluble fiber, meaning that is does not dissolve in water. This helps push food through the digestive system, promoting regular bowel movements.  

The FDA recognizes cellulose as safe to consume.

Ice Cream

Your vanilla ice cream cone might have castoreum in it, which is made from a mixture of beaver urine and anal secretions. 

Though it is more commonly found in perfume, it still contributes to a small fraction of vanilla flavoring in foods such as ice cream. 

Castoreum is FDA-approved as a ‘natural flavoring,’ which is how it is labeled on foods. 

Haribo Gummy Bears

Despite its color, the green gummy bear from Haribo is actually strawberry flavored

This week, fans of Haribo gummy bears were surprised to find out that the green bear is actually strawberry flavored. 

A resurfaced Reddit that detailed the flavors of each color bear gained traction on social media when fans realized that color typically associated with lime or green apple flavoring actually tastes like strawberries. 

‘No one asked but the green Haribo gummy bear flavor is strawberry and I find that misleading,’ . 

McDonald’s Fries

Even the fries at McDonald’s aren’t safe for vegetarians

Even the fries at McDonald’s aren’t safe for vegetarians.It turns out, they contain ‘natural beef flavor.’ 

‘When our suppliers partially fry our cut potatoes, they use an oil blend that contains beef flavoring. This ensures the great-tasting and recognizable flavor we all love from our Worllast week revealing the secret ingredient.’It’s why the fries taste so good,’ he said in the video. 

In 2002, the restaurant settled a lawsuit over labeling their fries as vegetarian despite being flavored with beef.

Maple Syrup

Great Value’s brand of maple syrup contains trace amounts of anchovies

Mr Ferguson also found another anomaly in store-branded maple syrup: anchovies. 

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